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What is a Twisted Therapy?

Updated: Feb 1

The unique combination of a Mental Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer makes Twisted Therapy a unique self care experience.

What is Twisted Therapy? 

Mental Health Coaching + Yoga = Twisted Therapy Sessions. Community Twisted Therapy Sessions are an opportunity for the BIPOC (& ally) to discover the benefits and beauty of combining a mental and physical practice. Private Twisted Therapy Sessions are an opportunity for Energy Attunements, Beginner Lessons or Advancing your personal practice.

What kind of Yoga is the Communal Flow? 

Power + Yin = YinYasa. Strengthen, stretch and relax! This unique class combines the Yang (active) side of a Powerful Vinyasa flow (movement with breath) with the Yin (passive) poses that are held longer, allowing your body to sink into the pose while practicing mindfulness. This healing practice will leave you feeling stronger mentally and physically.

How Much Is It?

A $10 minimum donation is required to participate. Community sessions are held on dates designated by Claire Mia. Organizations can also book Claire Mia for private Twisted Therapy Sessions at their location of choice. Please email itsclairemia@gmail.com for information on pricing.

How Long is a Session?

You can eat all the kale, have 6-pack abs, and look like you were personally sculpted by God. HOWEVER, you're still unhealthy if you don't take care of the shit in your head.

After teaching and discussion of a particular mental health topic, we will dive into our Yoga & Meditation practice. TT sessions typically range 90min.

Why Twisted Therapy?

This isn't your normal form of therapy. Yoga is a lifestyle deeply engrained in the culture of wellness. By adding the scientifically proven CBT & DBT component, ClaireMia creates synergy between mind, body & spirit.

Twisted Therapy Sessions are an integrative approach to overall wellbeing that combines Mental Hygiene Training (CBT & DBT) as well as Yoga.

Grab your mat, your notebook, & come get #HeavilyMeditated!

Keep a look out for your next Twisted Therapy Session.

For more information, DM @MyTwistedTherapy on Instagram or email itsclairemia@gmail.com


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