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What is a Twisted Therapy Session?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The unique combination of a Behavioral Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and somatics makes Twisted Therapy a unique self care experience.

What is Twisted Therapy? 

Behavioral Health Education + Yoga = Twisted Therapy Sessions. Twisted Therapy Sessions are an integrative approach to overall wellbeing that combines mental hygiene training as well as yoga.

What kind of Yoga is it? 

Yin. Yin (passive) poses are held longer, allowing your body to sink deeper into poses while simultaneously practicing mindfulness exercises. This healing practice will leave you feeling stronger mentally and physically.

How Long is a Session?

Session lengths depend upon the service booked. These can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Why Twisted Therapy?

This isn't your normal form of therapy. Yoga is a lifestyle deeply engrained in the culture of wellness. By adding the scientifically proven CBT & DBT component, ClaireMia creates synergy between mind, body & spirit.

Grab your mat, your notebook, & come get #HeavilyMeditated!

Keep a look out for your next Twisted Therapy Session.

For more information, DM @TwistedTherapyLLC on Instagram or email



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