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an intellectual


Like most lightworkers, I've spent many days thinking I've absolutely lost my mind. From experiencing moments that were entirely inexplicable to the revelation of truths I have yet to see come to fruition. Each day in this work is a journey that requires a commitment to my own healing before I can be a vessel to others. To deny that there are greater forces at play would simply be to deny my own experiences. We will never know all there is to know. And we may never understand why things play out the way they may. But I believe that some of us have been uniquely gifted to help guide others along the journey. With my background in mental health and spiritual gifts, that is simply all I am here to help you do.

methods and means

1. Spiritual Counsel (60 Min)

2. Meditative Tarot Reading (60 Min)

The Attunement Process

A Spiritual Counsel is NOT a tarot reading. During this time, we'll discuss the issues and struggles the seeker has. Through intuitive listening and spiritual discernment, I will ask questions and provide guidance on how the seeker should move forward.

Price: $60/hr

A Meditative Tarot Reading is a combination of Spiritual Counsel and a pulling of cards combined with meditation. We'll begin each reading with reflective dialogue regarding the issue or questions the seeker has and use the cards to bring even more insight to the issues at hand. The cards (like anything in life) are pulled in divine timing.

***Please note that I use the Tarot as a means of introspection, not fortune telling.

Price: $75/hr

Who is tarot for?

Anyone curious and open minded.

Anyone looking to become more aware of self and the world around them. Tarot cards allow the subconscious brain to draw and pull patterns for the conscious.

My goal during these sessions is to activate energy shifts within and around us by tapping into our God-given abilities to contribute to healing for the self as well as other people, situations, and/or things.

Why Claire Mia?

Honesty & Humility.

Honesty: I will never pretend to have it all the complexities of this universe figured out, and if I am unable to pull messages for you I will tell you openly.

Humility: I seek my Angels regularly and am constantly learning. With my background in Mental Health, Certification as an L2 Reiki Healer and Spiritual Gift of discernment, I will share the advice communicated to me from God and your team on what you should do moving forward.

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