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“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”

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Yoga is not a work out. 

It is a work in."


"The Yogic Practice has been treating the body holistically for centuries.

And my private classes intentionally include a Psychotherapeutic Component."

Psychotherapeutic yoga differs from standard yoga in that it steeps traditional yoga techniques in evidence based brain science, with a heavy focus on applied neurobiology. The same yoga modalities that give you toned legs, strong arms and a perky butt can be used to achieve an integrated brain, mind and body approach to optimal health. 


Twisted Therapy:

Trap Yoga (YinYasa Flow)

Yin (Deep Stretch)

Pre & Postnatal Yoga

How is Individual Therapeutic Yoga different than going to a studio class? What are the benefits?

1. Non-intimidating practice (i.e. you don't have to be "good" at yoga.) I design your session with specific consideration of your history, physical limitations, and current emotional state

2. Receive necessary individualized attention from a mental health coach and teacher who is sensitive & aware of triggers

3. Alter your nervous system to reduce anxiety, depression  and PTSD symptoms

4. Build acceptance, mindfulness skills, patience, distress tolerance, and self compassion


Whether you're interested in evolving your practice or hosting a small event, private sessions are a great way to receive one on one feedback and/or a customizable flow designed for your needs or

the needs of your guests. 


My name is Claire Mia, and I'm here to support your journey to balanced wellness. 

Private Session Pricing:

1 Person: $50/hr

2-3 People: $35 per person/hr

4-5 People: $25 per person/hr

More than 5? Please email itsclairemia@gmail.com